What does the rest of 2014 look like for Flora Dare?

Imagine a massive pile of words that I’m trapped under! I have a HUGE PILE of projects I am getting out the door this year.

Contemporary: Anya (from His Golden Cuffs) has a big brother who gets in over his head with Cara. He made up with Anya, but can he convince Cara to forgive him?e

Paranormal: I know, I know, I’m all over the place but I started writing a crazy shifter serial with the incomparable Lynn Red about a mongoose bounty hunter and the bear she’s after. You can catch a little sneak peek of at this link!

Western Historical: Yup, working on Matt and Lavinia’s story! (This is the sequel to Unwanted Bride that appears in Western Kisses.) Is it any shocker that Lavinia is being very, VERY difficult?

Guess I better get back to work!

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