Her Shifter Secret

Genre: , ,
Release Date: April 14, 2015

She's a witch trying to forget the past. He's a shifter who never wants to forget. But if they don't worry about their future...they won't have one.

The dark night that left Danae’s husband and daughter dead will live forever in her memory, even if she can’t recall all the gruesome details. What she can remember haunts her. She wants nothing more than to forget everything about her past, and that spell requires all her skills as a witch.

Gorgeous and grieving shifter Liam is sent to help Danae—but not in the way she hopes. His secret mission is to uncover the truth about the terrible night that destroyed both of their lives, and what he finds puts what’s left of those lives in jeopardy.

When the truth is revealed, Danae is left with an impossible choice between her past and her future. No matter what she decides, her life—and his—will never be the same. Two lives destroyed...can they make each other whole again?

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