Book Series: Grayslake: More than Mated

Secrets to Bear

Secrets to Bear

He’s her hot one-night stand. She’s his fated mate. And there’s one person determined to keep them apart.

Lira just needs room to breathe. Somewhere away from her small town, their prying eyes, and their intense focus now that her cheating ex… is really her ex. For good. What better place to get away than a dive bar two towns over? And if she happens to meet her next one-night stand in all of his muscular, lickable glory… all the better.

Werebear Jake just wanted a drink. What he got was an armful of luscious mate. For one night. Then life--and his persnickety grandmother--interfere. He has to get his family to Grayslake, Georgia (the werebear town) and then he’ll focus on finding his missing mate. Unless she finds him first.

Jake has Lira, but can he keep her? Lira’s ex refuses to let her go and Jake’s bear… refuses to let him live.

Make Her Howl

When you’ve loved and lost a fated mate, can you dare to hope for a second chance?

After her human mate was tragically killed years ago, wolf shifter Magda fled Grayslake and all it meant. She only returned to protect her adopted daughter and she’s determined to stay out of local shifter politics.

Marc has spent years protecting Grayslake’s shifters after a tragedy of his own. When Magda walks into his life, his inner wolf awakens. He never thought it possible, but she’s living proof that miracles happen. She’s his mate.

Now he just has to convince her that everyone gets a second chance at love.

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