A Fated Mate for the Pack Boss

Series: Fates and Mates in Divided Hills #1
Genre: , ,
Release Date: March 23, 2021

Wolf shifter Lili Thornhill hides beneath ugly clothes and sensible shoes, but the yearning in her heart is for a mate and a family. As a low ranking member of her pack, Lili barely dares to dream about a fated mate, let alone her boss and Alpha, Cole Burnett.

Cole is new to the role of Alpha and is under a lot of pressure to pick a high-ranking wolf as a mate, to help settle the pack. He never looks twice at his dowdy admin, Lili.

Until one day when Cole stumbles on Lili skinny dipping and his eyes are opened to just how beautiful she is. Can Cole keep Lili safe from a pack who would rather see her dead than in their alpha's arms?

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