Book Series: Mail Order Brides

Unwanted Bride

Unwanted Bride

Heloise Adams finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been years since her parents died, leaving her to raise her sister on her own. But now that Lavinia is an adult, Heloise is free to marry her childhood sweetheart. Only…Albert has other plans.

‘Scandal’ should have been Jonathan Cushings’ middle name. As a shameless gadabout, he could have happily spent the rest of his life flitting from one scandal to the next. His father disagrees. Desperate to set his son on the straight and narrow, he sends Jonathan out west for his own good.

Rocked by a betrayal she never saw coming, Heloise Adams has a choice to make: Stay and relive her heartbreak and humiliation every day for the rest or her life or…don’t. But when she arrives as a mail-order bride, they’re both in for a big surprise. Jonathan never ordered her!

Will their troubled pasts keep them apart, or will they find the strength to move beyond them and find love in each others’ arms?

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